We can just enjoy the wonderful scenery that's waiting there or we can focus on a special area of interest to you and your group.  The headings below will give you some ideas: natural arches, photography, geology, history, hiking, railroads.  With children, their interests can be the focus – water is often popular, or a slower pace with more stops.

NATURAL ARCHES & BRIDGES:  I have always found these creations of nature to be fascinating, and we are lucky in the Southwest to have so many of them.  The most famous is Rainbow Bridge but the photos on my website do not include any in National Parks or in Sedona unless you want to hike.  Click here for photos of arches & bridges.


One focus you could choose is landscape photography (here's a group on one of my past tours waiting for the sun to set).  

Bring your tripods and whatever other items that help you to take superb photos.  I take photos, but I only consider myself an amateur – you can make your own judgment after looking at this website.  If you are an expert, come with me and take award winning shots.

GEOLOGY:  With all the amazing rock formations in the Southwest, this is another subject that fascinates me.  I can explain some of the basics but if you are more expert than me, I'm happy to learn from you.  I know where to find many fascinating formations – click here to see some geology photos.

HISTORY & PREHISTORY:  I've always been interested in who lived in our region in days past, and the Southwest has a lot to offer.  This includes both Anglo (recent) history as well as prehistory (200+ years ago for Arizona).  Let me take you to some of the places I have found.  Click here for photos of the past.

HIKING:  To see photos of my hiking tours, go to the TOUR PHOTO tab and select one of the options which says "hiking" after the location (or click here to jump to that page).  I can also lead your hiking group on some rewarding but little known day-hikes in the Prescott or Sedona area.  Please contact me if you would like more information.  For one of my more adventurous hikes in Sedona, click the link to go to my blog at Lost Canyon.  For another hiking blog, click the link for Richinbar ghost town

RAILROADS:  I have explored lots of interesting remnants of RR history between Prescott and I-40.  Contact me if would like to find out more – I plan to add some photos soon.  Until then, look at the photos under History (Historic Places) – the tunnel and the steel dam.

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