One-Day Tours

My one-day tours go to different areas as shown in the photos below: Northwest of Prescott (including Grand Canyon), Northeast of Prescott (Coalmine Canyon & more), South of Prescott (Sonoran Desert).  

Scroll down to see photos of the area that interests you most. 
NOTE: There are many other places I can take you on part day tours, too numerous to show photos – contact me for more info.

One-day tours can be extended to overnight tours if you don't like to drive so much during the same day.

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NORTHWEST OF PRESCOTT (including Grand Canyon)

NW1  Can you spot the one live person?


NW3     Yes, you can drive to the bottom of the Grand Canyon!!!


NW5  Wild burros too if we are lucky.

NORTHEAST OF PRESCOTT (Coalmine Canyon & more)

NE1 This waterfall has a greater vertical drop than Niagara (but not all at once)!

 NE2  This is a mysterious fortification with almost no known history.

NE3  A petrified seashore no longer by the ocean.

NE4  This is a huge boulder.  Note the monolith in the background – see next photo.

NE5 An amazing monolith – why hasn't it fallen over?
NE6  This beautiful canyon is less than a mile from a main road, but essentially unknown.

NE7  These tenants pay no rent!  No security deposit either.


NE9  Another sculpture by Mother Nature.

SOUTH OF PRESCOTT (Sonoran Desert)


S2  Just wide enough for my vehicle.

S3  Have you ever seen diving in the desert?

S4 This is an amazing river ride that never seems to dry up!

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