Fees vary depending on the type of tour – read on.  See bottom for reservations.

    Multi-day tours can start in either Prescott or Phoenix, or anywhere else that you are staying (within reason – I don't do pick ups from Timbuctoo!).  Here are the four most popular places for these tours:
  • Page & Lake Powell (based out of Page in northern Arizona)
  • Grand Staircase Escalante (based out of Escalante in southern Utah)
  • Canyon de Chelly (based out of Chinle in northeast Arizona)
  • North Rim (based out of Jacob Lake to the north of the Grand Canyon)
    These places require a drive of three hours or more to reach the destination, but you won't be stuck in the car for that time.  Apart from stops for gas or coffee or to stretch, I know interesting places on the way to break up the drive.  If your favorite place is not included above, contact me for options. 

    My goal for multi-day tours is to charge approximately $250 per person per day, which covers just about everything – the hotel room (double occupancy), three meals a day (you choose the menu), almost all entry fees, the cost of my vehicle, and my expert services as guide and navigator.  I am knowledgeable on history, geology, flora and fauna but I welcome informed comments from any of my passengers (I still like to learn).  Lunches are usually sandwiches (Subway is the most common) and dinners includes tax and tip but not alcoholic beverages.  Breakfast on the first day and dinner on the last day are not included. 
    A three day tour would then be about $750 per person.  I have been successful in achieving that for past tours but the big variable is the cost of the hotel rooms.  Page has lots of hotels, so cost isn't a problem there, but in other smaller places (Escalante, Canyon de Chelly, North Rim) the hotel costs are a little higher.  For winter tours, costs are usually less and I share those savings with my passengers.  
    If you are a family with children under 14, I offer a discount, especially if all of you are comfortable sharing a room at the hotel.  Contact me for details.

    The above fee assumes a full vehicle (four passengers to share the common costs) – if there are only three people, the per person fee will be a little higher.

ONE-DAY AND PART-DAY (HALF-DAY) TOURS  (starting from Prescott or Sedona – for a full-day tour, we can start in in Phoenix to visit the Sonoran Desert).
    Call or e-mail me for information on the many options available, but first look at some photos for these shorter tours (click here: One-Day Tours) or continue on for prices.
    All tours include pick up from where you are staying – Prescott or Sedona (Phoenix if full-day). You choose the pick up time.
Short tours:  My least expensive tours are local to Prescott.  This is a good way to start if you are looking for something short and sweet, but also interesting and exciting.  The cost for these short tours is $25 per person per hour, with a minimum of two hours and two people – so with that minimum arrangement the total cost would be $100.  With three or four people, the cost per person would be less.
Part-day tours from Prescott all include a picnic lunch (minimum is two people).  The first two passengers are full price, but the third passenger is half price, and fourth passenger is free.  Children under 14 are also free as long as there are two paying adults.
– Prescott area tours last 5 hours and cost $100 per person (first two).  For four people, cost would be $62 per person.
– Sedona and Wickenburg tours last 6-7 hours and cost $125 per person (first two).  For four people, cost would be $78 pp.
– Sonoran Desert tours (Phoenix area) last 7-8 hours and cost $150 each if two people (due to the extra driving distance).  For four people, cost would be $93 pp.
    Contact me for more information on these tours – where we can go and what we can see – this can be customized to your interests.  If you have children, I can cater to them – let me know what they like and don't like.
Full day tours from Prescott can last up to 9 hours depending on where you want to go (e.g., Grand Canyon – cost $180 each if two people).  Call or e-mail me for suggested locations and prices (minimum is two people, but the average cost per person drops with three or four people).  You can also choose a focus, such as history for example – go to the TOUR FOCUS tab (or click here) to find out more about the type of history that interests you, or to focus on different subjects.

      My tour fees are chosen to meet most people's budgets, but if you want something more luxurious that can be arranged.   You may want to stay at a 4 or 5 star hotel, or choose your own limits for the cost of dinner each evening.  You may want your group to have only two or three people.  Please contact me (click here) to discuss your wishes so I can make the appropriate arrangements and work out the cost.

    To select a date and location, and to confirm the fee, contact me by phone or e-mail – go to the CONTACT ME tab (or click here).  I may be available at short notice, but it is best to make reservations at least a week in advance.  For multi-day tours, a month's notice is normal to allow me time to make hotel reservations and related plans, but I could probably do it in less time if needed.