Natural Arches

Strictly speaking, there is a difference between a natural arch and a natural bridge.  A bridge is formed by the flow of water down a gully or wash whereas an arch is due to the shape of a rock and natural fault lines, helped by eons or erosion by wind and rain and freezing.  

Scroll down to see photos of a few of my favourite arches.

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If, like me, you are awed by these natural stone marvels, click the BBC link to learn about the science of how they form.

Near Chinle (you can climb up to the base of this arch)

Shadow of above arch, taken near sunset (that's my shadow!)

Near Escalante (requires a hike)

Blind arch, near Page

Thin arch, near Escalante (short walk)

Near Tuba City

Near Page (requires a hike)

Near Kaibito

Near Page (requires a hike)

Double arch, near Cannonville

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