History & Prehistory

History is a way or traveling back into the past.  The first eight photos below are of places built in the last 200 years by immigrants – often called Anglos.  The second eight photos are of Prehistoric sites and show Indian ruins and Indian art.

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Near Prescott (requires a hike)

Near Wagoner  (no, I haven't walked across this crazy bridge!)

Near Black Canyon City

Near Ash Fork (old railroad tunnel with a very interesting history)

Near Bitter Spring (a typical Mormon inscription from 1884)

Near Prescott (charcoal kiln) – short walk

Near Apache Lake

Near Ash Fork (one of the very few steel dams in the world that is still holding water)

  (see also North Rim Photos)

Near Sedona (requires a hike)

Near Black Canyon City (one of the more interesting petroglyphs)

Near Sedona (a pictograph, not a petroglyph) – requires a hike

Near Sycamore Canyon (one of the best preserved ruins in the middle of nowhere – requires a hike)

Near Cordes Junction (metates in the native rock)

Canyon de Chelly

Near Ganado

Near Black Canyon City (an unusual "shield" petroglyph)

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