WHAT YOU WILL SEE WHEN YOU TOUR WITH ME!  [Click on a tab above for specific info.]  My goal is to take you and your family or friends (usually 2 to 4 people) on a personalized custom tour to amazing places and watch your jaw drop, or your face break out into a happy smile, as you gaze on the wonders of nature.  Almost all of these places are off-the-beaten-track, and are not found in your average guide book, or not in any guide book at all!  Access to these memorable places is invariably via some dirt roads that may be a little bumpy, but we will take them slowly enough to keep you comfortable.  I have been exploring all over the Southwest for decades now, so have learned how to handle difficult terrain without taking risks or scaring my passengers.  We can start in Prescott or Phoenix or Sedona.

You will see magnificent scenery – canyons & cliffs, mountains & valleys, red sandstone & white limestone & multicolored bentonite,  hoodoos & caves, lakes and waterfalls, and even snow occasionally.

You will see beautiful flowers of different hues and shapes.  Some will be new to you –  I can tell you the names of most of them.

If we are lucky we may see animals and birds ...

 and even reptiles!

My multi-day tours are the most rewarding, but one-day or shorter tours will allow you to see places that are new, exciting and surprising.

WHY JOIN ME?  If you live in Arizona but haven’t had the time to explore this wonderful state on your own or don't know what is out there, this is your opportunity to see our state (and some of Utah) with an expert guide.  If you have family or friends visiting from out of town, a tour would be a truly memorable way to show them some of the beauty and unique scenery that the Southwest has to offer – one-day or multi-day.  If you live in some other state or country, come to Arizona and see what you are missing!

OLD OR YOUNG – WHO CARES?  My customers have ranged from young children to seniors in their 80s – so you are never too young or too old!  Whatever your physical abilities are, you can enjoy my tours.  To reach the most scenic viewpoints usually involves a short walk from my vehicle that only takes a few minutes (if even that is too much, I can find places that can be enjoyed by just stepping out of of the car and looking around).  

Once we are there, you will have as much time as you want to explore the nooks and crannies, and find the best shots for your camera.  If you are reasonably fit and willing to hike greater distances, maybe two hours or longer, we can reach even more places that will reward your effort.  You decide how much energy you have to spare.

OVERNIGHT STAYS.  We normally stay for a few nights in a nice hotel that is central to the area we are visiting, so we aren’t continually packing and unpacking.  We normally start and finish the tour from Prescott, but Phoenix is an alternative if you live there or are flying in from out of state.  Normally my tours are for three or four full days, but I also offer shorter or longer tours as you wish.

MY VEHICLE.  We travel in my Toyota Landcruiser, a comfortable vehicle for cruising on-road, and a very capable vehicle off-road.  It has air conditioning for those hotter than normal days and a moon roof for looking up at canyon walls.  It has room for four adult passengers and ample space in the rear for all the stuff you are likely to bring.  If you have a bigger group, that can be arranged too.

You may have noticed that I have used the word “normally” quite often above.  As my tours are custom tours, you can make “out of the normal” requests.

CUSTOM TOURS – HOW MANY PEOPLE?  My tours are for a small number of people traveling in the same vehicle, so very personalized.  They are custom tours so that gives you full control over where we go, when we go, how many days, the level of activity and the focus of the tour.  As my Landcruiser has room for four passengers, that is the best number for your group – you plus other members of your family or your friends, with  similar interests and capabilities.  To help you choose the location, go to the TOUR PHOTOS tab (or click here) to see the places I recommend.

FOCUS OF THE TOUR.  We can just enjoy the wonderful scenery or we can focus on a special area of interest to you and your group (photography, history, geology, etc.).  To find out more, go to the TOUR FOCUS tab (or click here).