I was born in England and grew up on the northern outskirts of London with my older brother and younger sister.  I can thank my parents for my love of the outdoors, interest in nature and history, and my competence with maps.

Both my parents were schoolteachers, which meant the summer holidays were long enough to spend multiple weeks in Europe, experiencing its varied cultures, climate, natural beauty and history.  From  when I was thirteen until I emigrated to the States at age 25, I traveled extensively throughout Europe, as well as to Turkey and Morocco.  Some of these travels were with my parents but others were with my brother and friends.  These experiences gave me confidence in planning trips on my own and exploring lesser known places.

I earned my degree in Electrical Engineering at Southampton University, and my career was in Telecommunications.  My first few working years were in London, then in the States.  I travelled extensively on many business trips.

When I first came to America, it was to the Chicago area (western suburbs).  During my second year in the States, I took four weeks to drive to the West, camping with my father and brother – my first experience of the many magnificent National Parks, but by no means my last.  This trip showed me how wonderful the western states were, with wide open spaces and outstanding scenery – very different from the East and Midwest.

I later settled in the Southwest with my family, working in Phoenix and then living in Prescott when I retired early.  I explored near and far from both these locations.  One of my management responsibilities at work was running conferences – that taught me the need to pay attention to detail and how to make visitors comfortable away from home.

After retiring, I parlayed my love of exploring into a one man “Jeep Tour” business, sharing the beauty of the Sonoran Desert and the magnificence of the red rocks of Sedona with out-of-towners.  I continued offering tours after moving to Prescott, but started exploring all over Arizona with two like-minded friends, especially to the north and into Utah.  I should remind you that my vehicle is a Toyota Landcruiser, that is more comfortable than most jeeps and just as capable.

I then teamed up with another friend who also loved the outdoors and was an experienced photographer.  We offered a variety of Southwestern tours for three years – all successful with repeat customers.

After those experiences, I began offering custom tours starting from Prescott and Phoenix, and have been doing this each year since.  Please join me on a tour so I can maximize your enjoyment and appreciation of this wonderful part of the USA.

Much of my early exploring in Arizona was done with two like-minded friends, Kurt Wenner & Ben Barstad.  They were both interested in finding and exploring Ghost Towns, which gave all of us plenty of reason to explore Arizona off-the-beaten-track.   Kurt was active with the following website:  www.ghosttowns.com – check it out.  The three of us started exploring together around 1999, and much of this was from Page, where Ben had a place that we could use as a base.  Northern Arizona and SE Utah have so many gems, hidden in a lot of nothing!  With sadness, I report that Kurt passed away in 2016.

 I then did more exploring with Pete Peters, a landscape photographer.  He & I led the tours mentioned above from 2006 - 2008.  I feel very fortunate to have such good friends who enjoy exploring as much as I do.  Their knowledge and experience has increased that pleasure and led to many exciting discoveries.

Herb Windolf has been with me on a number of my tours and has been most helpful in giving me constructive feedback, and promoting my tours to his wide circle of friends.

And last but not least, I want to thank my son, Stephen, for helping me create and construct this impressive website.