Bumpy Road Adventures offers personalized custom tours for 2 to 4 people to unusual and exciting places in the Southwest – places you won't find on your own, places that are off-the-beaten-track!  There are multi-day tours, one-day tours or part-day tours, all at reasonable prices.  We can start in Prescott or Phoenix – your choice.
    If you are impatient to see where I have been and where I can take you, click PHOTOS now!
    There are many photos in many wonderful places, so don't try to look at them all on one visit – come back again as often as you need to feed your curiosity.

I have lived in Arizona for 40 years and explored the region extensively.  Few people know Arizona and the Southwest as well as I do, and I would love to share my discoveries with you.

Use the tabs to find what you are looking for, whether you are a first time visitor or an old friend.  Here is a little guidance about the main tabs in case you need some help.

– ABOUT TOURS tells you how my tours are organized so you know what to expect.  This is the best place to start.
– TOUR PHOTOS lists my most popular locations and lets you see just a little of what is out there – this is the most important page on my website.  I hope the photos entice you to get off the couch and enjoy this wonderful part of the world with me!
– TOUR FEES tells you what a tour with me will cost (multi day or single day) and how to make a reservation.  You will be pleasantly surprised that my custom tours don't blow up your budget.
– TOUR FOCUS gives you various options if you want your tour to focus on a particular subject like natural arches, history, geology, photography, hiking, etc.
– ABOUT ME gives a short description of my background, just in case you are curious.

OTHER PHOTOS:  In addition to the photos on the TOUR PHOTO pages, you will find a number of other photos scattered through my website.  Click on the photo to enlarge it, and then press the Escape key to go back to the webpage.

If you have questions or can't wait to make a reservation, contact me at:  

   Nigelaa@commspeed.net or call me at 928 710-1284.  Please leave a message if I am out.

Bon Voyage, Nigel Reynolds

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